This blog documents how marginalized women transcend personal and social barriers.

Ceilings & Standards invites writers and readers alike to challenge mainstream notions regarding womanhood. We believe the boundaries surrounding race, gender, ability, ethnicity and sexuality are fluid and our publications explore how women and non-binary individuals navigate those spaces. 

By posting personal narratives from diverse and marginalized voices, we aim to capture the true complexity of womanhood. This is our journey, and it continues to evolve within these pages.


Founder: Layla Beth-Mehnish

Photo by Paul Schilens


Layla is an Iraqi-American writer, PTSD survivor, wife, mother and daughter. She began writing poetry and fiction at the age of thirteen. She has since transitioned to writing creative non-fiction.

Layla loves writing pieces that center on social issues facing women and people of color. But she also enjoys exposing the curiosities of her life as a woman of color who has been endlessly misunderstood in America.

"I read to know humanity, I write to know myself." 

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